Get Productive in Firefox with SmarterFox

by on September 13, 2009
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

smarterfoxFirefox already comes with some many features to keep your productivity high, but what if you get to make it more productive by adding a little spice to it?

The spice I’m talking about is, SmarterFox, a Firefox addon to speedup tasks in Firefox and let you browse faster.


SmarterFox is the most popular productivity addon which saves time by speeding up common tasks. This Firefox addon will help you get things done much quicker by getting faster, parallelized downloads, convenient shortcuts and more.

Highlights of the addon:

  • To save Web videos right-click anywhere and then select “download page media”.
  • You can download all images and links of a page in parallel, maximizing the usage of your bandwidth.
  • When you reach the end of the page, SmarterFox will automatically load the next page and append it to the end, saving you time.
  • To open the qLauncher, press Ctrl + Space. You can change this in the options dialog.


If you don’t want or like any of its features, you can easily disable them from the menu Tools > SmarterFox.

Download SmarterFox

You can download this addon from here: Download SmarterFox

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