iPod Nano Fifth Generation Announced

by on September 10, 2009
in Apple, Gadgets

ipod-nano-5g-thumbRock and Roll has been a big disappointment to all those iPod Touch fans who were expecting a camera in the upcoming Touch lineup, but Apple just unveiled the fifth generation of iPod Nano and that also with a video camera integrated in it.

Well, the rumours of  iPods with video cameras were quite strong and they did prove right, but as for the leaked photos of iPod Touch with a camera have been all fake.


iPod Nano 5G now features a larger 2.2-inch display along with an integrated mic for voice recording and a speaker. The fifth generation of iPod Nano comes in amazing eye-catching colours on polished anodized aluminum, making them more appealing than before.


It is also the first iPod to have an FM radio, something fans have been wanting to have for long.

Highlights of iPod Nano 5G:

  • Video camera
  • Larger 2.2-inch display
  • Polished anodized aluminum
  • Microphone and speaker
  • VoiceOver
  • FM Radio
  • Nike+

Overall, iPod Nano 5G looks amazing and with all the features packed in the small Nano, it sure is worth buying! iPod Nano is available from today at all Apple Stores. It comes in 2 models: 8GB for $149, and 16GB for $179.

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