Best Facebook Desktop Applications for Windows

by on September 10, 2009
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Facebook is now the most popular social network with over 300 million active members. Even being this big, Facebook has no official application for desktop to manage their updates and account without opening the Facebook website.

I have managed to compile a list of (almost) all the desktop applications available for Facebook, and I’m sure people like me who are very active on Facebook would love to try them out.

Best Facebook Desktop Applications

Let’s kick off with the list!

Facebook Desktop


Facebook Desktop is a Windows program that, with a small memory footprint, provides updates to the users Facebook profile, such as messages, pokes, wall posts, and friend requests. You don’t need to refresh your profile a hundred times to keep track of your Facebook! And just cause you’re not on the website doesn’t mean you’re not on Facebook. Download Facebook Desktop



FBQuick is a quick and easy way to get all your Facebook notifications right on your desktop without having to open the website. Download FBQuick



Bloom is a multi-platform desktop app that let you upload your photos and videos easily and efficiently to Facebook, download albums and view your friends’ photos. You can upload photos to a new or an existing album, you can tag them and you can view your friends photos. [Full review] Download Bloom



FaceDesk is an Adobe AIR application to use Facebook as a standalone application, instead of having to open it in a web browser. This app acts like a browser and only lets you browse Facebook on it. You won’t be able to view any other sites on it. Download FaceDesk

FB Photo Uploader


Upload photos to Facebook using a Java-based desktop application, including tagging photos before you upload. It looks more like a stripped down version of Bloom. Download FB Photo Uploader

FB Tray Notify


fbTrayNotify is a small Windows application that sits in your taskbar, providing balloon style alerts when you receive new messages, friend requests, event invites, group invites, pokes and shares. Download fbTrayNotify


Visual Sage for Facebook is an innovative Facebook chat and desktop application implemented by VisualSage, an innovative software technology company. This app is built upon Microsoft’s new technology WPF which shows all our friends at Facebook in a network. Download Visual Sage for Facebook



Scrapboy is a free desktop client for some of the popular social networks like Facebook, Orkut, and MySpace. It is a very useful app that brings all the features of social networks right on your desktop. Download ScrapBoy



Gabtastik is a WebKit based app that lets you chat with your Facebook buddies from your desktop. You won’t have to open the entire Facebook page in your browser, just to chat with those friends, thus, saving system resources. Download Gabtastik



Zebr lets you keep tabs on your Facebook friends from your desktop and see what they are doing. It is an AIR-based app. Download Zebr



If you are an Outlook user, you probably have it open all the time. Now you can update your Facebook status, see your friend statuses and see notifications of new requests without having to open the browser or any other applications. FBLook seamlessly integrates Facebook into Outlook. Download FBLook

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