Alternate Ways to Access Gmail

by on September 3, 2009
in Google, Tips and Tricks

We all witnessed another major downtime at Gmail datacenters because of a DDoS attack a couple of days ago, and the interesting thing in this downtime was IMAP and POP users of Gmail could easily access their emails while others could not.

There are several alternate ways by which you can access Gmail when you sense something wrong is going on with it.

Alternate Ways to Access Gmail

Some of those methods have been covered below and I’m sure they would be helpful to you in the next Gmail downtime (I hope there is no more).

  • Secure page – You can try accessing Gmail using its secured version from
  • HTML version – If Ajax is causing problems for you, try the basic HTML version of Gmail –
  • Labs Off mode – Sometimes, the issue could be with one or more of your Gmail Labs features. Try the version without Labs enabled –
  • iGoogle Gadget – Add this gadget to quickly view what new emails you have and you can even compose emails from there – – This was also working in yesterday’s Gmail downtime.
  • Gmail mobile – Last, but not least, you can try the Gmail mobile version on your desktop or mobile to see if Gmail worked with this method –
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