How To Send Anonymous Tweets

by on September 2, 2009
in Internet, Tips and Tricks

shhtwitter-logoTwitter has always helped me release some mental stress when I’m over-worked, not happy or pissed off at someone! Ofcourse, you can’t tweet your heart out when you know your boss is following you on Twitter and would fire you if anything said against him ;)

Shhtwitter is a free service that lets you tweet anonymously without fearing that anyone would catch you saying anything wrong about the other person.


You can happily release your mental stress by tweeting whatever you want. Shhtwitter has its own Twitter accounts so you don’t even have to make a new one.

Not sure if this would really help, but one of its con is that it will only add to the increasing number of spam on Twitter. But still, you can give it a try.

Try Shhtwitter!

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  • Thanks for the write up. The goal of Twitzee is to help anyone to share info anonymously with fear of been identified.