How To Create Your Own Firefox Installer

by on September 2, 2009
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

mozilla-unattendedDespite the fact that Firefox is becoming more resource hungry day by day, it is still my favourite browser with all the addons it has to offer us.

Did you know you can easily create your own Firefox installer? Yep, that also with all your favourite addons and themes installed in it.


Silence of the Foxes is a free utility that lets you create your very own Firefox installers. All you need is the latest official Firefox installer, extension files and you’re good to go with your first Firefox installer project.

This application is only 288KB in size and worth a try if you want to create a custom Firefox of your own. Keep checking, as I would be releasing a Sizzled Core edition of Firefox soon using this tool :)

Download Silence Of The Foxes

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