More Chrome OS Leaked Screenshots

by on September 1, 2009
in Google, Internet

google-chrome-logoGoogle Chrome was first announced back in July, an OS aimed for netbooks market initially with minimal features and Google services integration.

Since its announcement, we’ve seen leaked Chrome OS screenshots several times, but none of them has any confirmation of being the right ones. Another tipster sent alleged screenshots of Chrome OS being leaked to TechCrunch.


Image Source: TechCrunch

The screenshots only show Google Chrome browser and giant icons of Google services like Gmail, Picasa, Google Earth and Google Talk. They don’t reveal anything, but if these screenshots are any good, then Chrome OS is not at all appealing to me!

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  • While an OS is much more than the shell (“user interface”), I still didn't like the screenshots!

  • hammadsaleem

    i dont know but i think it will not be as successful as windows and MAC :)

  • ukkeli

    Your opinion is so worthless.
    1. Windows has succeed because its already with almost every computer in markets. You cant choose to buy windows or OS X or Linux. I think if people would be smart they stop buying windows computers and start to look for new possibilities.
    2. You cant compare windows and MAC because MAC isnt even an OS! OS X is great but its illegal to instal it to computer and it gives you no choice but to buy mac or let OS X be.

    I think Google will have a great opportunity to success because of there isnt really a good pic in OS markets. Something between windows and OS X would be great. Googles other utilities will also help Googles own OS so success.