Add Facebook Friends to Windows Live Messenger

How many of you have more friends on Facebook than Windows Live Messenger (WLM)? Atleast, I do as I’m more active on Facebook than Windows Live.

Since the launch of the new WLM, many services have been integrated to it, like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Now you can even add contacts from these services in your WLM contact list.

It’s better to use the Connect tool in Windows Live Profile, rather than going through each of your Facebook friends’ profile for their Windows Live address and adding them individually.

How to Add Facebook Friends to Windows Live Messenger

Wondering how to do this? Just follow the steps below :)

1. Visit the Connect page from Windows Live Profile from here.

2. Next sign in with your Windows Live ID and proceed.


3. Select Facebook and press the arrow button next to it.


4. Sign in your Facebook account and choose the friends you want to invite.


5. Add a personal message to your invitation, once they accept your invite, start chatting.

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  • Most of the contact i have are on Facebook now and i hardly use Windows Live messenger, nd now i can combine by facebook and windows live contacts! thats really awesome!

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  • Alexandra

    it doesn't really work for me :( If i follow your steps it adds all my facebook friends…but i just want 2 or 3 of them in my WLM…
    Isn't there something else i could do?

  • mudshake

    jste create group a on your facebook chat for pepople you want to chat with and place yourself online only to this group

  • Aphroditespellweaver

    i wish we could have the option to REMOVE them i hate having the 2 connected