ChromePlus, 5 More Extra Features in Google Chrome

by on August 29, 2009
in Browsers, Freewares

chromeplus-logoGoogle Chrome is one of the fastest browsers available, and is widely being used on netbooks and low-end PCs. The browser has an active development team working behind it, but still it has several features missing.

I’m sure you would all like to see features like mouse gestures, Internet Explorer rendering, super drag etc in Chrome, and that is exactly what the developers behind ChromePlus have done.


ChromePlus is a web-browser built on Chromium (Google Chrome) and has all the functionality of Chrome and features five more features that you won’t find in the official Chrome release (atleast for now).

Those five additional features are:

  1. Double click tab to close page.
  2. Mouse Gestures
  3. Super drag
  4. IE tab
  5. Download tools supported in context menu.

Download ChromePlus

You can download ChromePlus from here: Download ChromePlus


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  • Tucknoloji

    Haris, i am using Google Chrome since it was adviced, now the speed of loading pages only via Google Chrome has gone down to its extreme. Need your kind advice regarding this specific problem.

  • Tucknoloji

    hey i downloaded the update, and the problem of getting slow has been resolved. Thanks for the source of download