Facebook 3.0 iPhone App Features & Screenshot Tour

by on August 28, 2009
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facebook-for-iphoneA couple of hours ago, the Facebook 3.0 app for iPhone and iPod Touch finally made it’s way to the App Store for download.

The UI has been completely revamped to support a number of new features that can be seen in Facebook 3.0 iPhone app. This app is getting mixed reviews from everyone, but for me, it’s the best Facebook for iPhone app release till now.

I’ve compiled a list of the best features along with screenshots of Facebook 3.0 iPhone app.

Menu View and New UI

facebook-30-app-menu-view facebook-30-app-menu-view-2

The main interface gives you access to news feed, profile, friends list, messages inbox, chat, friends requests, events, photos and notes icons. You can open those applications from there. If you swipe your finger, you will get additional space to save your favourite pages and friends for quick access to their profiles.

Revamped News Feed


The news feed in this Facebook 3.0 app shows everything just like you see on the desktop version of Facebook. Earlier, activities of some Facebook applications wasn’t shown, but now they are also included. Plus you can Like/Comment on stories just like you do from a computer.

Profile View


You profile also shows all your Facebook activity along with your information and photos. This area is pretty much the same except a slight change in the interface.

Friends and Page List

facebook-30-app-friends-list facebook-30-app-pages

If you open the Friends list from the menu, you will now also see the option to browse your fan pages along with your Facebook friends. A much betetr feature to manage them separately. Previously we had to search for pages.

Call Friends

facebook-30-app-call-friends facebook-30-app-call-friends-2
Image Credits: @MystaKool, @ellipsis3

iPhone users having the Facebook 3.0 app can also call their Facebook friends directly from within the app. This feature is not available for iPod Touch users.

Facebook Chat


The chat feature in this app now shows your online and idle contacts in alphabetical order and you can easily find an online friend by jumping from different alphabets. Previously, you just had to scroll up and down to find online/idle friends.



The notifications area is also pretty much like what you see on your computer. Although, I personally liked the previous Notifications better in this app as it also showed thumbnails for photo comments.

Requests Panel


The requests feature still doesn’t show requests for groups, fan pages or any applications so that you can easily ignore the unwanted ones ;) And it would have been nicer if they supported Friends Lists while adding friends.

Events and Birthdays

facebook-30-app-events facebook-30-app-birthdays

Yep, the events feature is back from where you can check details of an event created on Facebook along with details on who’s attending, may be attending or or won’t be attending. Plus, you can also check for any upcoming birthdays – No more excuses of forgetting birthdays just because you use Facebook on iPhone!

Notes Feature

facebook-30-app-notes facebook-30-app-new-note

You can now read notes on Facebook 3.0 app and also create new ones to quickly share it with your friends.

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