Nokia N97 Mini Reviewed by Elder Murtazin

by on August 25, 2009
in Gadgets

nokia-n97-mini-1There has been a lot of Nokia-related news today on Sizzled Core. First, it was the official announcement of the Nokia Booklet 3G, then the leaked photos and specs of Nokia N900 and now Nokia N97 Mini being reviewed long before any official word.

Elder Murtazin, chief of, has once again done it! he has reviewed the Nokia N97 Mini from every aspect and has given us a good insight of what the handset will be like.



According to the review, Nokia N97 Mini doesn’t seem to be anything impressive to us. Nokia N97 has been a disappointed and so is the Mini version of it. Packing the same features in the same, but smaller, body won’t make much of a difference.

The only difference I see between the original Nokia N97 and the Mini version is of a smalelr QWERTY keypad with no D-pad, no camera lens cover and a stripped down on-board memory of 8GB.

Full a full review and lots of photos of the Nokia N97 Mini, read here.

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  • This thing looks ugly ! :/

  • nice phone

  • moremobiles

    I am very happy with this n97 mini phone.I can browse the web freely. Many applications with it is cool. Once I learn how to upload my own wallpapers and ringtones, then this phone will be perfect. The other content of this phone is great. It’s smaller then what people have said.

  • king1496

    Overall, the keys of this n97 mini phone are too cramped for users with large fingers; they're also too small and flush with the surface of the phone. The buttons are equally small, and though they're raised just above the phone, dialing by feel is difficult.

  • I feel the device is a bit thick. It isn't too bulky or heavy and fits perfectly in the hand. Web browsing was superb. It is convenient and easy to type by using the touch screen.

  • koogle

    The phone overall was still very much perfect. The touch screen was very responsive and pressure is not needed. There isn't much difference from the iPhone 3G.