Bluetooth Chat in iPhone and iPod Touch

bluetooth-chat-iphone-iconWonder you’re sitting in a boring class in a corner and want to talk with your friend who is sitting on the other corner. Of course, you stay online al lthe time if you don’t have a good data plan.

That’s where Bluetooth Chat enters! It’s a free iPhone app that lets you chat over bluetooth with other buddies around having an iPhone or iPod Touch 2G.

bluetooth-chat-iphone-2 bluetooth-chat-iphone-1

Bluetooth Chat is a lot like the iPhone SMS application with a very simple interface. All you have to do is connect with other iPhones around and start chatting with them! Chatting over bluetooth has been around for quite a while, but that was only for Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets.

Now even iPhone as well as iPod Touch users can chat, all thanks to the latest iPhone OS 3.0. More features can be expected in further releases.

I would love to see this app have emoticons, feature to send files while chatting and connect with other phones as well.

Get Bluetooth Chat for free from the App Store!

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