Google Chrome 4 with Bookmark Synchronization

by on August 19, 2009
in Browsers, Google

google-chrome-logoThe Chrome team at Google is ‘very’ actively working on the browser, Google Chrome. And for some reason, it seems that they release a new version of the browser with every new feature added.

After themes and extensions support, they have now included bookmarks synchronization. Not sure if this feature would actually come in handy, but it’s a cool one!

To enable this feature, you will need the latest Chrome ( from the Dev Channel to get Bookmarks Synchronization. Firefox and Safari already had this feature using third-party addons, but Google Chrome will have it built-in and you will need Google account to use it because your booksmarks are stored on Google Docs.

After getting Chrome, users will need to enable it by adding –enable-sync to the command line. Then you can enable it from the Tools (wrench button) menu.

Chrome is really speeding up to take over other browsers like Firefox and Safari. You think they’ll succeed?

Get Google Chrome 4

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  • I think Google Chrome is trying to push back all the other web browsers by frequently fixing and upgrading their browser to give its users an excellent browsing experience.

    In the way they are working, I think they will succeed.

    Anyways, thanks for the info. :)

  • I think they will have to wait a lot to defeat other browsers esp firefox with so many addons. I love firefox.

    Secondly google chrome really slows down my PC a lot. I even cant run 3-4 programs smoothly if I use chrome.

  • Eu

    I’m not sure about upgrading. I shift to Chrome from Firefox because of its speed. I do noticed it’s getting slower and laggy now after few updates. It’ll probably get worst with this latest version.

  • Finally now with bookmark synchronization feature :)