How to Activate Kaspersky 2010 Using License Key File

by on August 10, 2009
in Tips and Tricks

kaspersky-internet-security-2010-boxRecently, after installing Windows 7 RTM on my PC, I installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, my favourite antivirus so far. For its product activation, I use the regitration key file.

In the previous Kaspersky products, we were given three ways by which we could activate our product, but in KIS 2010, this has been slightly changed and many people couldn’t find the activation by key file option.

Even I had this problem at first, but later on I found how to activate Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (version 9.0) by the key file.

How to Activate Kaspersky 2010 Using License Key File

Just follow the given steps below to activateKaspersky 2010 from a license key file.

  • Click on the License (bottom of the Kaspersky window)
  • Now delete any existing license key, if there is any (e.g. Trial key)
  • Click on “Activate New License” and then select “Activate Commercial License”
  • In the product key box, fill it with: 12345-ABCDE-12345-ABCDE and click Next.
  • Once Kaspersky gives you an error for wrong key, a box will appear below to select the key file.
  • Click on Browse and open your key file
  • Click Next and you’re done with the activation process using the license key file.


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  • kaspry anti virs

  • Thank you for this.I was also facing the same problem

  • Thats very informative dude but this is going to get you penalized from google .. it is strictly not allowed to post licenses or any sort of material that is so illegal ..

    I remember i just posted a website that provided these keys and my page rank got from 3 to n/a .. so be carefull .. its your choice !!!

  • Gabeli

    It does not work

  • Worked for me.Thank you

  • error message apears but no key selection apears

  • thamila

    same here error message only then the same window buyt no key selection

  • abu hamza

    unfortunately, it does not work.

  • me

    Does not work for me as well.

  • pejman77

    please send mee activation code kaspersky 2010

  • abc

    the box for key selection doesn't appear after wrong code error…sucks…

  • Smart026

    it doesn't work on my PC, no selection key box appeared at all

  • Edwin Diehard

    In recent version s of Kaspersky, you cannot get to the key upload screen from an outdated serial number. The only way to do it is by disabling your internet connect and trying to activate a trial license. Then, an error should occur, and then then key upload screen.

    1) Go to the license link at the bottom of the Kaspersky main screen.
    2) Delete trial license by clicking the red X next to it.
    3) Disable your internet connection (outside of Kaspersky).
    4) Click activate trial license in the same window.
    5) You should get an error telling you that Kaspersky cannot connect to the activation server.
    6) Click OK and select your key file.

  • Al3vin

    can u suggest me by mailing me please i cannot understand properly….

  • zaif


  • shq

    excellent, worked for me, thanks

  • shq

    this worked for me, thanks

  • gursewaksangha

    please send me activation code kaspersky 2010 30 days Trial Version


    Guys it works with the first way too but it needs another serial (which I dont remember), not 12345-ABCDE-12345-ABCDE. Although I think the second way is better :) . Thanks a lot. :D :D :D

  • taimurislamkhan

    Wat ever you try … your key will get blacklisted .. i had 36 keys .. and in a month .. they all were blacklisted one by one .. i recommend to use bit defender .. its light , strong and its keys atlease doesn't get blacklisted !!

  • mohammed

    ddnt work
    an error msg apears but aint no box

  • Nishit

    the internet disconnect thing worked perfectly….thanks edwin!!

  • mayur223

    hey pls tell me how 2 browse 2 the key file ????
    pls reply on