Torrentula: Download BitTorrents on iPhone

by on August 7, 2009
in iPhone

iphone-post-imageBitTorrent downloading on mobile devices was first introduced on S60 devices with the app SymTorrent and now we also have bittorrent client for iPhone.

Torrentula is a free bittorrent client for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to search and download torrents directly from your devices. This app is available through Cydia which means you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch.

This app lets you search torrents from some of the best torrent trackers like Mininova, Demonoid etc. from its built-in web-browser. Once installed, just follow these steps below given by Sunburst:

Download .torrent files to your device with the (recommended) or the Safari Download Plugin into the mobile (or root)/Downloads folder.

The program will scan your mobile (or root)/Downloads folder for new torrent files, and will import any valid torrent files regardless of their filename or extension.

When a torrent has finished downloading from peers it will be automatically moved to mobile (or root)/Media/Downloads when selected.

And the best part about this app is that it even continues downloading your files when app is not opened, without the need of the Backgrounder app.

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