Apple Tablet Expected This October

by on August 3, 2009
in Apple

We knew this was coming, didn’t we? Apple has always been lip-tied about its upcoming products, but the year old rumours for an Apple tablet have once again sprung up and seems like it’s definite this time!

A couple of months ago, Apple denied all the rumours of any netbook or tablet but it all seems incorrect after what has been quoted at Barron’s.

MacBook Touch Mockup by Edwin Tofslie

An analyst claims to have seen a prototype of an Apple tablet. No specs have been revealed, but when asked about the hi-def video playback, he said:

It’s better than the average movie experience, when you hold this thing in your hands”.

Barron’s also told that Apple Tablet could be announced in September and then release somewhere in November. Expected price is around $699 to $799.

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