MXL5007T, TV Tuner for Netbooks

by on August 2, 2009
in Gadgets

Netbooks are becoming faster and more powerful day by day with every new one being released in the market. There are many things that it lacks of, but since hardware is getting smaller you can expect anything these days for netbooks.

Recently, MaxLinear and Hauppauge Digital announced that they will be coming out with a network TV tuner, MXL5007T, especially for networks.


MxL5007T will allow HD signals to be received over the air and will be  capable of European standards which includes DVB-H, DMB-T, DVB-T and QAM.. These tuners are based on the MXL5007T CMOS silicon tuner that MaxLinear builds.

This is not the first netbook TV tuner as Dell Mini 10 already has one in it. MxL5007T shouldn’t consume much of your 3-cell battery juice, but a recommended one would be a 6-cell battery netbook to run this card.

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