Google Chrome OS Screenshots Leaked?

by on July 31, 2009
in Google, Internet

google-chrome-logoSince Google Chrome OS was announced, there has been no news or any other hints on when the OS is actually going to be available for public. And all they said was that the OS is going to be lightweight and is mainly for netbooks.

An anonymous person sent some images to Download Squad today, claiming them to be the leaked screenshots of Google Chrome OS.





It’s not known to what extent these are true, but to me, it looks like some version of Linux heavily modded, or it could a really ‘early’ alpha release because it’s very ugly from what I see in the screenshots.


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  • Actually, they did say it’s going to come out in the second half of 2010.. As per leaked photos, fake of course. Who doesn’t know photoshop-ing these days

  • that looks fugly! :P

  • Most of the rumors these days are proving themselves as legitimate. In my opinion, these are pretty original and the Google Chrome OS won’t be much different than this!!

  • Lets wait and see what its like to be on CHROME!

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  • Lamont

    why is it fake? you can compile & build this os source code is available

  • All

    Leesen verree ceerfelee. I vill see zis onlee wance :-).