Google Chrome Gets Themes, Officially

by on July 31, 2009
in Browsers, Google

google-chrome-logoJust three days after Google Chrome was launched, some developers came out with different style and themes of the browser interface, but those were just the unofficial releases.

Google Chrome, in its latest developer release (, introduced themes and provides a better option to manage them.

Earlier we shared how you can get themes in Chrome manually, but now you can easily get them from the official Google Chrome Themes page, which is yet to go live.


For now, there are only two themes available that you can download and try, but I’m sure with more developer builds, Google will add more in the developer trunk.

Download Chrome Themes: Snowflake and Camo

Once you install a theme, unlike other browsers, it won’t ask for a restart and will instantly switch to the new theme.

If you don’t have the latest Google Chrome developer build yet, get it from the Developer Builds page.


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