Nokia N97 Mini Pictured in Wild

by on July 30, 2009
in Gadgets

nokia-n97Nokia N97 Mini. Sounds funny, isn’t it? We have no idea what Nokia is planning next, but it surely seems they are going to soon come out with a smaller version of Nokia N97.

We all know Nokia N97 has a high price tag with it, and this is the main reason why it didn’t attracted much consumers towards it, even though it is much better than Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Vodafone Ireland is already not launching the N97 but will be launching the N97 Mini later this year. According to them, N97 Mini’s “competitive pricing” will make it appeal to a broader range of customers. This all only looked like a rumour till today when Engadget posted some legitimate photos of a smaller version of Nokia N97.


If you see carefully, you’ll see two differences in the two Nokia phones. One is the D-pad on the keyboard and the othewr on the back – no camera slide. Another thing to be noticed is the new (rumoured to be) Nokia N97 Mini is slimmer than the original N97.


For now, we could only conclude this as a rumour will we don’t get some info on the actual specs of this phone, but I’m sure Nokia will soon be announcing their next touchscreen phone – most probably the one spotted above.

Image Credits: Engadget

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  • Wow, that is good new Haris… esp for those who cant afford the big one. I hope they will release it soon with the change in size only.

  • @ Haris , if Mini becomes a reality I sure will be in line for one , hope it does not suffer from the same problems as N97

  • payasyougomobilephones

    Although the iPhone3G S is a very smart phone, it not intelligent enough to compete against the Nokia N97 Mini.

    The Nokia N97 mini is like having a mini super computer on your pocket. The features of the Nokia N97 Mini are very impressive compared to the iPhone.