Palm Pre Giveaway on Facebook

by on July 28, 2009
in Gadgets

palm-preWho doesn’t like giveaways, right? Whether it’s an iPhone giveaway or a free app license, I always participate in case my luck shines some day!

Today while randomly browsing Facebook groups, I came across an interesting comment by a user which gave link to the official Palm Pre group where you could win a free Palm Pre.


The rules are simple and straight. All you have to do is comment on the page’s wall by completing the phrase “I need a new Palm Pre because…” and the group admins will randomly pick a comment on August 14th.

Pretty simple, eh? So, comment now on the group link given below! And who knows you might be the lucky winner! :)

Remember: This giveaway is only for US and Canada!

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  • Talha

    Mr H Nadeem… before u let people start believing they could win this palm… lemme ruin their excitement by saying tht its for US and CANADA only,..

    so ppl have fun

  • Babu is in.

  • Oho. I just found out it’s only for legal US residents.

    Babu is out.

  • Sheharyar Naseer

    Thats a cool Contest! Don’t worry, if i DO win, i’ll get my couriered to Pakistan. ;-) =P