How To Change Your Facebook Username

by on July 25, 2009
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Last month, Facebook introduced vanity URLs for all its users where they could have a personalized URL for their profile pages. This was previously available only for celebrities that were on Facebook.

Thanks to vanity URLs, you can now easily share your profile URLs with friends and on other online networks. When choosing our username for the first time, Facebook recommended to choose that carefully, because you won’t be able to change it later.


Yesterday, Facebook again made it available for users to change their usernames once more, in case you’ve mistyped or chosen something you didn’t want.

How To Change Your Facebook Username

To change your username, click on Settings which is beside the Search box in the top right. Second option would be of Username. Click on change and type your new username.

This was supposed to be only available for one-time change, but Facebook is allowing it as many times we want now. May be they will change it later.

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  • I’m fine with Waisybabu :P

  • Sheharyar Naseer

    Although this feature is available, facebook hasn’t publicily announced it! And Haris, this wasn’t made available yesterday! I noticed it atleast 7 days ago while changing my facebook settings =P.

    Even though the option is there, it still says choose your facebook username carefully, you can change it only once. I don’t know whats that all about!

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  • Yeah, I reported it a week back too :)

  • can you please help me to change my facebook page type??? :( i really need to change it..

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  • Some awesome stuff on facebook.This was exactly what I was looking for!I am going to change username by using these tips. Thank you