Manage Chrome Addons with Extension Manager

by on July 23, 2009
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks

google-chrome-logo1Even though no official announcement has been made about the availability of Google Chrome extensions, developers are working fast on coming out with new extensions almost every day.

We can try out those Chrome extensions, but still the browser lacks a proper menu and extension manager similar to Firefox’s Addon Manager.


Google Chrome Extension Manager

My friend Kieth, at Techie-Buzz, has shared a tool by which you can manage Chrome extensions much more easily. You don’t have to fuss about small bugs or errors that you make while messing around when installing or disbling an extension manually.

This simple script is all that you need to manage extensions in google Chrome. You can download it from here (right-click and save it on PC).

How To Use Chrome Extension Manager

Using this script can never be this easy. Once you open it, you will see lots of options from which you have to choose. Simple type the number of the action you want to perform and press Enter.

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