How to Run Live Android on PC

by on July 22, 2009
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android-logoSince my post about Live Android (Live Android 0.3), I’ve been getting lots of emails on how to run it on PC or netbooks. The official site does have a how-to page, but that doesn’t explain well about how you can run Live Android on your PC.

Instead of testing Live Android on a VMware, Virtual Box or any other virtualization application, I burned the liveCD ISO and boot up my PC from it.

How to Run Live Android on PC

Follow the steps below to run Live Android on your PC.

  1. First of all, you have to download the ISO file of Live Android. You can download it from the official torrent or use direct links from here: Part 1Part 2 (Size: 174MB)
  2. Since the ISO file has been split up, you will have to join them back using HJ SPlit.
  3. Now burn the ISO file with a disc burning application like Nero, PowerISO etc.
  4. After burning the disc, reboot your computer (make sure CD-ROM is at the first boot order) and see how Android starts! :)

Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Live Android

These keyboard shortcuts and keys might come in handy when trying out Live Android on your PC.

Esc – To go back.
Application key – For more options.
Alt + F1 – For console
Alt + F5 -  For GUI
Ctrl + Alt + Del – Press this twice to reboot your system.

For more information, you can read the official how-to page.

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  • Thanks Haris , will try running it on my netbook , any idea where I can get the drivers

  • aneeq

    aoa brother wht is android

  • Android is a linux core modified my google to work on low power ARM chips. But it has gained importance because of it’s smooth threaded performance and enhanced touch interface.

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  • davidchao

    Dear Sir

    My name is david chao, I am researching about how to run Live Android on PC(Windows XP), I Follow the steps you told me

    1. I download the ISO file of Live Android(part 1 and part2)(ok)

    2. I have joined them back using HJ SPlit.(ok)

    3. I burn the ISO file with a disc burning application Nero(ok)

    4. I reboot my computer (I am sure CD-ROM is at the first boot order)

    but I can not start Android , it still start Windows XP.

    I am so frustrated, dear sir would so kind to tell me why?

    Thanks, I am so appreciated. Best regard.

    David Chao

  • joocan

    and then to undo changes?reboot PC normally?
    I wanna try it

  • Rrio

    I burned the iso, but it still not works, it boots windows :(
    Please help

  • Did you change the boot settings to CD-ROM?

  • Richard CEL

    Thank you for the instruction above. I have not actually tried it on CD, but I did on the USB. However, it cannot boot up on my Netbook. Could you please tell me how to do it on the USB? Thank you very much.

  • Srini

    boot the system with USB , Hit F12 on the keyboard( interupts the Boot strap to check for optional boot device., like Cd drive, USM , Network -which ever is available on your machine,) when BIOS starts, SO once you have selected option of USB or set boot primary device as USB it will check for USB and then HDD, so you will get Android if USB is inserted , if not it will check for HDD and boot XP as is your machine.