How to Install a Browser in Windows 7 E

by on July 16, 2009
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internet-explorer-8-logoAlong with the three Windows 7 versions I told about along with the announced OS pricing, there will be two different versions for the UK consumers, Windows 7 E and Windows 7 N.

The OS with an “E” won’t have a browser installed by default i. e Internet Explorer 8. And Windows 7 N will don’t come with a media player installed i.e Windows Media Player 12.

Install a Browser in Windows 7 E

There are several ways by which you can install a browser on your Windows 7 E. Easiest would be to download the browser on some other computer and install it on your Windows 7 E from a USB drive.

On the other hand, you can also order Internet Explorer 8 from  Microsoft Store which will cost you around $3.44. Amazon can also ship an Internet Explorer 8 CD right at your door step, but IE8 from Amazon will cost you $4.

I still don’t get the point why Microsoft will ship Windows 7 without a browser to the UK market. It isn’t that consumers in UK don’t use a browser, but Microsoft seems to have its own strategy behind that. Another point to be noted is that you can’t even download any updates in a copy of Windows 7 without a web browser.

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  • The desicsion to not package IE with Windows 7 wasn’t Microsofts doing – It was a result of Britain’s antitrust lawsuits. Britain sued Microsoft saying, by packaging IE with Windows, consumers were left without a choice. Hence, no browser in the next Windows release.

    Notice Apple was never sued for packaging Safari with OS X.

  • Also, you can update Windows 7 without IE – just like you could with Vista.

  • Andi

    It’s not “Microsoft’s Stategy” – they’ve been forced by the EU to strip IE from the OS (we can also get a Vista without IE, but it wasn’t manatory, and wasn’t available in most places!) for Monopoly reasons.

    Considering how much of a security hole IE is (though IE8 is perhaps finally getting there), I don’t actually mind the idea of a OS without IE interweved with it.

    I install TinyXP on older machines without IE. The OS even feels more nippy when it only has Firefox to rely on.

    One thing to test though – you could always initiate a download using File Explorer. Wonder if that will work in Win7 too?