How To Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Stick

by on July 15, 2009
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usb_flash_driveOn several occasions, you might come across situations where you don’t have access to a CD-ROM or for some other reason you couldn’t install Windows OS on your PC, notebook or netbook.

Recently, while playing with my Acer Aspire One A110 netbook, I tried installing Windows 7 on it. Since it doesn’t have any CD drive, I had to create a bootable windows 7 USB stick in order to install it on my netbook.

There are several applications i.e Ultimate Multiboot,  that can make your USB bootable and even configure it to boot with Windows XP, Vista etc. But it didn’t support the latest upcoming OS by Microsoft, Windows 7.


A Bootable USB is a free application to create bootable Windows 7 USB. There are lots of online tutorials to do this manually, but it’s always better if an application does it all automatically.

The process of this tool can be explained in just 4 easy steps!

  • Check USB drive
  • Format USB drive
  • Choose DVD or ISO image
  • Start the process

Download A Bootable USB

You can create bootable Windows 7 USB by downloading A Bootable USB from here: Download A Bootable USB.

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