How to Revoke Access to Twitter Applications

twitter-logo-birdieThere are like hundreds and thousands of Twitter applications right now, and new ones are popping up daily. There are many interesting ones, but not all are clean and legit.

Many Twitter apps which claim to get you followers quickly, actually spam using your accounts with links and to market their own products.

Incase you’ve signed up for such an application and want to get rid of it, Twitter has given the flexibility to block such apps from your account. You can easily revoke their access to your account.

How to Revoke Access to Twitter Applications

Before following the steps below, I’d recommend you to change your password first.

  • After logging in Twitter, Go to Settings.
  • Then go to the Connections page.
  • Now from there, revoke access to applications you don’t want.

Once you do this, the application that has been spamming using your account should stop doing it.

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