SocialSafe, Free License Key Giveaway

Yesterday, I reviewed  a great application to backup your Facebook profile, friends and photos etc. called SocialSafe (full review).  It’s not a freeware like the rest we share here, but a worth-review paid, inexpensive application.

SocialSafe costs only $2.99, but even then the SocialSafe team has been kind enough to offer few license keys for free for Sizzled Core readers.


How to get it?

Well, since the license keys are limited, I’ll be giving it away randomly to about 20 people. No, don’t worry. I won’t ask you to jump off a cliff in order to participate ;)

Simply drop a comment below with your name and email address, and you will be in for the SocialSafe license key giveaway contest!

This is a great chance for people who don’t have a PayPal account, but want to purchase SocialSafe to backup their Facebook accounts. Remember, each license key will allow you to use SocialSafe on two computers.

Comments section closes down tomorrow :)

Update: More free license keys might be added.

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  • Anonymous

    What about keys?

  • Anonymous

    Hi, what about keys?

  • Please include me, thanks

    name: Jimmy

  • Anonymous

    Hey stumbled upon your post. Great article. I am passing it on to my friends.

    Hope to find more stuff like this from you…checking out the twitter back up now.

  • Anonymous

    Any time you want to send over the key :)

  • Anonymous

    Facebook is like my public diary – I really need to make sure it is backed up so this looks like a great application

  • Anonymous

    Facebook lost my account profile 7 days ago with their “site maintenance” problem. The biggest hurdle to having to re-create your profile is finding friends you met online. I’m still searching. I don’t want to have to go through this again. If they can’t protect our data, we need an app like this to do it ourselves.

  • Do you still have some license? I’d be intrested. Thanks in advance, regards!



  • Anonymous

    I’d like to try it out

  • SoHell

    you kindly share me a license key for SocialSafe. I need to backup my FB friends.

  • YanivSerri

    The best software!!!

  • SriKolla

    Wow what a cool app… Sounds great… Couple of my friends go their profiles hacked recently and they had to start over from begining.. this really releaves the hazzle of adding everythin from begining and to dave ur valuable comments and wall posts. Thanx for the news… Wish I could also receive a free license to check this out. Thanx :)

  • doria

    Great idea ! Great tool ! Great give-aways ! Thanks for the tip and the possible key !

  • sam

    can i have a key please??

    and why has no one posted back with their user experience?

  • Giampaulo

    It's very interesting! Thanks

  • Tan
  • byronx

    great application

  • Great application.

  • Johnny Coulter

    Don't know if you're still doing this giveaway, but I'd love an account! Yes, my email address is real :)

  • this will be great for me!

  • Any license still available ??? I'm so much interested reviewing the application and check it out . Thanks in advance

  • marlanhrpamuru

    I would like to try it. I cant read all my friend posting and i would be nice to backup it and read tme later. Thx.

  • I almost bought this application as it seemed just what I needed but did not at the last moment after finding out that it does not backup fan pages which was my main purpose.
    Hope they can add this feature and offer at the same current price. Then, I'd buy it.

  • rino

    great tool but not totally done. you're missing a way to backup facebook messages.

  • Thank you!

  • Mojmír Hartman

  • marc_haww

    this is cool!!

  • Prezzel

    Hello, can I have a key? :D
    Thanks guy! Great blog.

  • Austin N.

    If you still have any I would love to receive one and would be very great full! :)

    I've had my facebook now for five years and would be terrified if something happened to it. :

    thanks for reading and listening!

  • bruno

    what i really need is a tool to backup and export references to my friends. email address is the most valuable information i must save.

  • Yatin

    I would love a key :D

  • gregheller

    I need to download a facebook profile for a young man who was murdered last week in Atlanta. I'm doing this for his Grandparents as a keepsake. The profile is R.I.P Max Fiandt, I'd rally like to be able to do this for them. I could really use a key. Thank you.

  • chris


  • Not sure if you're still giving away the Keys… but I would LOVE one.

    PS. Thanks so much for the great articles!!

  • Marco

    Is the contest over? LOL I just stumbled upon your blog like 5 minutes ago.

  • nimi

    wow thats all i can say

  • Serkanalone

    please key send

  • Joe Scicluna

    Hey…this seems like a great application…great work guys

  • Garett Dycus

    I would love one! :DD

  • niket

    Hey, can i get a key too? Please !

  • sharkii

    Wonder if contest is still on, looks like a cool app.

  • Aqeel hassan

    aqeel hussain bangash

  • dave
  • Luciezou

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  • Alden Mirasol

    The contest is not over yet. It’s just starting. I wish to get a free  copy too. This software is really great. You can view your profile offline.!!…ok give it to me pls.