iPhone 3GS Announced By Apple

by on June 9, 2009
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apple-logoAfter months of rumours and bits of leaked details of the upcoming iPhone, Apple finally announced the next iPhone and iPhone OS 3.0 today at WWDC 2009.

In this two-hour long event, Apple unveiled the new 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro, Snow Leopard, Safari 4, iPhone OS 3.0 and the all new iPhone 3G[S].


In the last 15 minutes of today’s session of WWDC, Phil Schiller, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing, announced the new iPhone 3GS. The [S] in 3GS stands for Speed, which means the new iPhone is just as similar as the iPhone 3G, but now it’s much more faster and powerful than before!

Like we heard in the rumours, iPhone 3GS comes in two flavours of sizes – 16GB and 32GB and will already be pre-loaded with iPhone OS 3.0. Several features were announced for iPhone 3GS, which include:

  • Better Camera: It has been upgraded to 3 megapixels with auto-focus and video recording and editing capabilities.
  • Improved Performance: With an imporved RAM, processor speed and battery life, what more would one want from Apple.
  • Graphics: iPhone 3GS includes graphics hardware to support the OpenGL|ES standard and faster 3D games.
  • Voice Control: You can now talk to your iPhone telling it whome to call or what song to play by which ever artist.
  • Battery Life: Like always, Apple has improved the battery life of the new iPhone which now supports up to 30 hours of music.

Of course, there were a lot more features announced like the all new Accessibility features, digital compass and Nike+ support.


The new iPhone 3GS will be available in the usual black and white colours and is priced at $199 for 16GB and $299 for the 32GB version. And the good, old iPhone 3G is now reduced to  $99 right from today!

The release date for iPhone 3GS in the US market is June 19th, though iPhone OS 3.0 will hit the App Store on June 17th.

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