Retrieve Lost Product Key in Windows

by on May 25, 2009
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There are several ways to retrieve your lost product key of Windows Vista, but the one I’m sharing today is the easiest method I have found yet. Just a small freeware.

I’m sure none of us like messing up with the registry and other important files when the same work can be done using a small tool, that won’t even require any installation.


WinGuggle is a free tool that retrieves lost Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Office product key. You can also use it to check your complete OEM information and even modify it including the logo. It’s features include:

  • Recover Windows 7/Vista/XP and Office Product Key (CD Key)
  • Change OEM Logo and Information Completely (Windows 7, Vista and XP)
  • Change Performance Information and Tools OEM Logo (Windows 7 and Vista)
  • Removing OEM Logo and Support Information in Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Manual and Automatic Backup of OEM Logo and Information Settings
  • Reset to Default Restores the Original Settings
  • Your Anti-Virus will not give any alarm message

This freeware is great if you want to easily backup your Windows information or change the current information when you buy an old or second hand computer.

Even though this tool doesn’t require any installations to use, but you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework installed (if on WIndows XP) in order to run it.

Download WinGuggle

You can download WinGuggle from here: Download WinGuggle

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  • ehm. this is a good tips. Thanks for tell us know how to retrieve that lost product key.

  • This freeware is very helpful. I am a Vista user too and that is also my concern and I am glad that you share this one. Thanks!

  • Really awesome freeware… i wont have to look for lost CD covers now… thnx!