Transform Kubuntu 9.04 to Windows 7

by on May 23, 2009
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linux-penguin-logoMicrosoft continues to tease us with a RC release of the upcoming operating system in the Windows franchise, Windows 7, which was released for public earlier this month on May 5th.

We have seen many Windows 7 transformation packs for XP and Vista but one for Linux is new to me. But unfortunately, it’s not for Ubuntu.


A designer, rmtux1345, at have created a transformation pack that transforms your Kubuntu 9.04 into Windows 7. This guy here has worked pretty well in giving the maximum Windows 7 look and feel in Linux. Apart from looks, this pack also claims to make your Kubuntu work like Windows 7 in some areas.

Vistar7 includes  Windows 7 official wallpapers plus the ones included in beta release, user pictures, icons, all Windows 7 sound theme files, splash screens and three popular fonts from Microsoft.


rmtux1345 provides no support, updates or bug fixes for this transformation pack now. It was just created to show how similar Windows 7 interface is with KDE4.

Download Vistar7 Transformation Pack

To download and for more information regarding installation, you can do it from here: Download Vistar7 Transformation Pack

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  • Looks awesome….

    Thanks for posting this…


  • that really good news

  • Great! Linux copying Windows AGAIN! LOL

  • Do you know of any KDE theme/look identical to the “Windows Classic” theme ?
    ( the Windows 2000 look, or the Win XP with “Themes” service disabled)

    I’ve tried the “Redmond” linux themes, but they are not as clean as the classic windows

  • really amazing interface
    kde works like Windows 7

  • Design looks perfect and its the first time i have seen a theme to transform Kubuntu to Windows 7.Hope it has no bug.
    A good sign for Windows 7 Lovers. LOL!

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  • Yousuf Ahmad

    It was just created to show how similar Windows 7 interface is with KDE4.

    I disagree. Windows 7 is nothing like KDE4. I have been a fan of KDE since 3.4 and one of the most important reasons for my liking KDE (over GNOME, etc.) is that it is (or at least was) infinitely customizable. This transformation pack demonstrates just that in a very powerful way.

    I love Windows 7. And I will definitely try this on my Kubuntu too. But, all bias aside, I have to say that Kubuntu (read KDE) is nowhere near Windows 7 (or even Vista or XP) in overall interface consistency, usability, and productivity. In fact, I think these days GNOME is doing a better job at competing with Windows in those departments.

    Nonetheless, I am still a staunch KDE supporter and am looking forward to a more refined KDE4, which I believe will become the leading open-source desktop environment in the next couple of years (if they keep up the good work, that is ;)

    Go KDE4! Go Windows 7!

  • Sam

    Why would anyone want to make kde look like windows?

    Making KDE4 copy windows 7 (which copies KDE4) seems bizarre to me.

    Try making NEW and original themes. We have enough trouble with commercial software thieving our designs and calling them their own without us copying them in turn.

    This guide seems like a total waste of time to me!

    Thanks anyway, I prefer the default 4.2.2 oxygen theme.

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    Sungguh Fantastis !!

    Traslate Indonesia to English
    So Lovely. So Good
    Its fantastic !!!!

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  • jj

    I managed to get it running on 9.10 using a simple v. of the script.