4 Services to Make Money with Twitter

by on May 20, 2009
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twitter-logo-birdieTwitter is still the most dominating micro-blogging service out there and continues to grow at an amazing rate. There are many Twitter profiles with thousands/millions of followers and could get way better if one starts making money out of his addiction i.e Twittering.

Previously, Magpie was the only service that allowed you to make money on Twitter. Then came TwittAd. Now there are two more services that I have included in the list below. There are no confirmations of their reliability, but the following monetizing services for Twitter looks promising.



Magpie is the first ad network for Twitter where users can advertise to up to 5,500,000 followers on Twitter and publishers (twitterers) can post custom sponsored tweets to earn money. One thing I liked about this network is that you can Twitterers (publishers) who have their own product to promote can use their earnings to advertise it throough Magpie. Though this network looks really nice, your followers might get annoyed with the sponsored tweets you post.



If you have lots of followers or an active Twitter profile which people visit regularly to check for updates, then you can give TwittAd a try. This service provides Twitter users and advertisers the opportunity for product placement & website promotion on a Twitter user profile. You are asked to use one of the given profile backgrounds which have been optimized for ad places. TwittAd is only good if your profile page gets many visits/hits or it won’t be of any use as most people use desktop/mobile clients for updating Twitter.



This ad network is a different one from the two mentioned above. Adf.ly is basically a URL shortening service that shrink long URLs to small, tiny ones. But in addition to that, Twitter users can also earn money for each visitor that visits the shortened links. A full page ad is displayed before getting to the original location of the link. These shortened links are not just for Twitter, infact you can also post them on Facebook, blogs, forums etc.



Another similar service we have is Adjix which is also a URL shortening service, but display ads in a much better way than Adf.ly. Full page ads are ofcourse, annoying, and readers would never like to press that “Skip the Ad” button everytime they open a link shared you. Adjix just display a small text link ad in the header of whatever website you shortened. It doesn’t come in the way of your followers who just want to open and see where your link leads to. And you conveniently remove tha ad bar by clicking the small “Remove ad” link in the corner.

Out of all the 4 services mentioned above, I believe Adjix to be the winner because it does not come in the way of readers.

Have you tried other Twitter services/ad-networks that are better than the ones mentioned above? If yes, I would love to hear your experience with them. Do share with us below!

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