Image Search Made Easy With Ginipic

ginipic_logoSearching images on the Internet is very easy and the first place that comes to our mind to look for images is our favourite Google Images. But being a photography lover, I believe some eye candy should always be there in the images.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t serve you the best eye-candy images – even with their support for searching the depths of photo-sharing websites like Flickr. I’d recommend you try this nice app for searching images.

Ginipic is the app I use almost daily to find images of my need. It’s got a funny name and is quite fast with more options than you can find anywhere else.

You can refer it as the “mega giant” app for searching images, because it searches on all the photo-sharing and social networking sites like Facebook, deviantART, Fotolia, Picasa, Flickr, Stockxpert, Live Search, Dreamstime, Smumug and even our own local collection. Great, isn’t it?


Ginipic interface is very user friendly with no complicated options. It display results in the thumbnails of you own specified size. You can switch on to the full screen mode to get most of it. When a image is set to the preview it will show all its information including copyright and all its dimensions.

Images that you search can be later saved on your PC, used as wallpaper or share the picture by email, social networks easily through a toolbar located at the bottom of the interface. It works both with Windows XP and Vista.

You can also search Google’s collection of legendary images by LIFE Magazine using Ginipic.

Download Ginipic

You can download Giinipic from here: Download Ginipic

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