Download iPhone OS 3.0 Torrent Leak

by on March 20, 2009
in Apple, iPhone

iphone-post-imageiPhone OS 3.0 was announced a couple of days ago, and since then iPhone /iPod Touch users are crazy about trying out the latest firmware.

Wondering why? It has many of those features that users have been requesting Apple to add since firmware 2.0 was released and looks like Apple finally listened to many of them.

For now, iPhone 3.0 is only available to developers, but a nice developer has taken the initiative to leak it out on torrents. If you want to try it before the final release, you are more than welcome to download it from below.

Download iPhone OS 3.0 Torrent

You can download the leaked firmware from the link below

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  • Nick

    Hello all iPhone lovers! I have downloaded the firmware but not sure to put it on yet,,, any one got it working yet?

  • tonycarabina

    I’m an Apple official developer, I have a few available slots for 3.0 firmware activation.
    If someone is interested please contact me at
    Kind regards

  • duston

    heey guys. I have installed the 3.0 software, and i was stumped for a few days to get it activated till i came across a great man who i sent a simple small donation to. it got activated in seconds PM me if you want proof or email but email him and discuss your donation fee VERY LEGIT I GIVE YOU MY WORD dont be afraid to upgrade anymore guys just give him a email. then poof seconds later you are running 3.0

  • a

    hey can u tell me how da put it in mah iphone

  • mkmike

    You can email me and discuss.

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  • mkmike


    I am a developer and installed the iphone 3.0 beta. Needless to say, it is great.

    If you are interested, I can add your UDID into my developer program list account for $10. I only accept Paypal payment. I will add you as soon as I have received confirmed payment.

    Send me an email to if interested.


  • Great post. Keep up the good work

  • Our NEW and improved UDID activation site is up and running. If you want INSTANT access check it out.

  • Chris

    it works perfectly.. if u stuck with ur iPhone, and need help.. give a shout. for only 10 $ u might be back on road with ur newly upgraded 3.0 iPhone !!!!

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  • Anthony

    hey does anyone know if this will work on the ipod touch 2g?

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  • Ricky Bobby

    Why would you shell out 10bucks for a new OS that DOES NOT support streaming media from the inet? I would pay for that. For a new OS that only updates some minor things like map app? No way, I can do whatever I want with my ipid. JB… I don’t need to pay 10$ for a OS that does not support streaming media. Sorry.