New Features in iPhone OS 3.0

by on March 18, 2009
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iphone-30-firmware1The much-awaited iPhone OS 3.0 preview event took place today and many of the most-requested features by iPhone and iPod Touch users have been unveiled today.

Apple events are always full of surprises, and it takes no time to spill the beans. I didn’t miss a single word, and had my eyes on all the sources live-blogging the event.

New Features in iPhone OS 3.0 and Event Highlights

Several new features have been announced and were demoed live during the event. And Scott Forstall said that there arae about 100 new changes/features. Here’s a list of features that I found intresting.

Download Content within Apps

Yes, with the iPhone OS 3.0, you will be able to download more content in your existing apps. Like purchasing additional features in games.

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

Bluetooth support in iPhone firmware 2.0 is only limited to its headset, but the iPhone OS 3.0 opens more gates for developers that can add P2P connectivity with other iPhones.

You can enjoy multiplayer gaming over bluetooth in the iPhone and it would even automatically search for other devices around. And as for iPod Touch users, Apple said there is a posibility for iPod Touch 2G users that their devices can be unlocked for Bluetooth.

Accessories Support

iPhone’s compatibility with other accessories has been taken to the next level. You can now control a speaker’s EQ, send medical device data straight to doctor and control a FM radio from display screen. It was also added that thousands of devices are being built for the next iPhone OS.

Maps App Improved

Touts and Google are working on producing a much better Maps app for the iPhone where developers would be able to embed maps in apps using the public API. And users will be able to custom notes, view in hybrid or satellites images etc.

Push Notifications

Apple has been late on this one, but have been working on it for 6 months and have rearchitectured their servers for it. This feature will give text and sound alerts on notifications from various apps.

Background Processes

I had high hopes for this feature, but it didn’t seem to be in their list. Apple thinks apps running in background is not good for the iPhone. Mainly because it doesn’t let the device go to sleep and drains the battery.

On the other hand, Push Notifications have been optimized for mobile networks that maintains battery life and performance.

EA Games

EA plans to release 10 more games for the iPhone. They demoed Boatman and The Sims 3 which was liked by many.

Cut/Copy and Paste

According to Apple, getting the cut, copy and paste feature work on the iPhone UI was pretty hard. From what they showed, the copy/paste feature looks quite complex.

Landscape Keyboard

Previosuly, keyboard in landscape orientation was only available in the Messaging and Mail apps. But now, it can be used in whatever apps we like.

Multimedia Messaging

This feature is not new for users who have jailbroken their devices, but still it will be better to have it as a native feature.

Message Forwarding

Surprisingly, Apple took three OS updates to add one of the basic features that every cell phone has. But still, better late than never!

Spotlight (Search)

This is a new search interface introduced for the iPhone OS 3.0. Whether it’s an app name, or something within the app’s data or it’s music or mail, Spotlight will let you search for anything throughout the phone. It’s more like the Search app in Symbian.

Unlike iPhone 2.0, the 3.0 upgrade will come free for ther iPhone users but iPod Touch users will have to pay $10 to get it. The iPhone 3.0 SDK is now available for the developers and will be ready for public downloading in Summer.

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