Free N-Gage Game Code from Nokia

by on March 5, 2009
in Gadgets, Gaming

ngage-logoNokia N-Gage gives out free games and game codes occassionally, and this month again they are giving away a free game codes to every N-Gage Arena username.

Last time I remember they gave out free licenses to FIFA 09, and after that N-Gage users in India got free game codes from Nokia. And this time, it’s UK’s turn to get free codes.


Getting your free game code is very easy. Just visit NGage Wizard and enter your details. Your free game code will be emailed to you. You can use this game code to purchase any game you like from the N-Gage Store.

First this promotion was for all worldwide users, but today they changed it to UK N-Gage users only. I wasn’t able to get one either. Bad luck, I guess.

Update: The N-Gage Wizard website is down for maintenance at the moment.

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  • I want to gets free n-gage games activation code

  • jowel

    I want to get free n-gage games activation code.

  • Iskandar

    Would you send me activation code for metalgear mobile and starwars unleash power

  • jackson93jackson

    hey guys i am from british but i live in u.a.e
    and i can't enter the web to get free games code
    so can someone send the to me by e-mail:

  • panthera14

    The offer is only for ppl living in UK. Try it.. if window shows u that ” SORRY YOU ARE NOT UK USER THN DON'T WORRY JUST CLICK RIGHT MOUSE AND CLICK PLAY AND FOLLOW THE STEPS DESCRIBED ABOVE”. .