Delete Twitter DMs with DM Whacker

twitter-logo-birdieTwitter is emerging as very helpful social networking place as compared to other social networking websites. Its active user base, simple design and user-friendliness makes it even better and bigger.

Twitter is a good tool to get quick help, news updates from various people around the world. It has various interesting features, but as they say every coin has two sides.

As we all know, Twitter has a useful facility, Direct Message (DM), which is meant for sending private messages. There are many twitterers who use this feature extensively and send DMs to market their blogs/websites, products etc. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have any proper solution other than deleting those messages.

If you have lots of direct messages then get ready to spend precious time to delete each one, as there is no feature to delete bulk messages. Well, you don’t have to worry more because a developer from DCortesi blog has designed a JavaScript based bookmarklet, DM Whacker!


DM Whacker allows you to delete all DMs at once. In order to use this bookmarklet, simply drag following tool link to your bookmarks list. Open direct message window from  – and select DM Whacker from bookmarks list.

DM deleter

This tool also allows you to delete particular user’s DMs by just mentioning his/her twitter id in given text box. It supports major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

Get DM Whacker to wipe out direct messages from the javascript link below.

DM Whacker

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  • This tool is great, it worked out really well in the past. But since about a week it doesnt delete all messages anymore (in FF3).
    Do you have any suggestions?

  • The bookmarklet doesn’t show up into my bookmarks list. What should I do? Thanks!

  • This didn't work!!

  • Now it worked, amazing tool!
    I need to learn some programing.

  • Tyanneechols

    can u help meee? i saved the bookmark but wen i went to direct messages and clicked on the bookmark it jus went to this page PLEASE HELP need it ASAP! thnxx

  • Tyanneechols

    i need help still…every time i click on the bookmark it just goes to this page why is that?