Ubuntu 9.10 will be called Karmic Koala

by on February 22, 2009
in Linux

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of the largest open-source operating system, Linux, announced a couple of days ago about Ubuntu 9.10 (named as Karmic Koala) and the number of changes Ubuntu 9.10 will bring with it.

Some features that are expected in Karmic Koala are the cloud capabilities to Ubuntu’s server edition, along with startup performance boost on the desktop and work on the netbook version of Ubuntu.

According to Ubuntu’s six-month release schedule, the next major release of Ubuntu 9.04 – codenamed as Jaunty Jackalope – will be released in April, and Karmic Koala in October.

Cloud computing capabilities in Ubuntu 9.10 will make use of the suspend and resume feature in servers to conserve resources in times of no load, and get back to work when it needs to. Karmic Koala’s will also feature  support for Amazon’s EC2 APIs, which means, using Eucalyptus project you will be able to host cloud-based apps in your own data center.

Ubuntu 9.10 desktop environment will have a number of GUI improvements. First, a graphical boot screen, new login and splash screen, and then a brand new theme will hit the Karmic Koala.

No sreenshots or details are available as of now, but more will be revelaed in the upcoming Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Barcelona, Spain in May.

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  • Sheharyar Naseer

    Can’t Wait to check out whats new, myself!