Microsoft Recite: Voice Note App by Microsoft

by on February 15, 2009
in Microsoft, Mobile Apps

microsoft-reciteThere have been number of note-taking applications which include text and photo notes. But a voice-note application, and that also by Microsoft is something new in the industry.

Today, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Recite, a new service to the public that could record random voice notes and you can recall that message later by speaking back to the app.


Currently, Microsoft has just released a “Technology Preview”, an early version for the public to try and can only be used on devices running Windows Mobile version 6.0 or higher.

Microsoft Recite is different from speech recognition. (How?) Speech recognition requires you to speak the words accurately. On the other side, Recite uses voice pattern matching, that analyzes the patterns in your speech and finds matches between two recordings (stored notes).

It would be really nice to see our phones reminding us of our important meeting, birthdays and other events – specially for forgetting minds!

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