Direct Image Link in Google Image Search

When I want to search for images, the first place to look for that comes to my mind is Google Image Search. It does lack a few features, but I still use it for all my image-searching needs.

To get a direct link for any image in Google Image Search, you have to first click the image and get the direct link from the website page where that image belongs to. But thanks to a Greasemonkey script, getting a direct link is much easier now.


Google Direct Image Links is a Greasemonkey script that adds a link to the direct URL of the image above every search result in Google Image Search.

This is a very useful script for people (like me) who use Google Image Search very often. No need to open the image page first just to get the direct link. You can copy it directly from the results page.

Download the script from the link given below.

Download Google Direct Image Links script

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  • I have many direct image links in Google images for architectural renderings and illustrations. A bunch hitting the top spot for my website and various search terms. I think if they were directly embedded within a web page, they may not get the search engine attention that they are currently receiving.

    However on the flip-side, unfortunately they don’t get pageranked nor can I embed items such as adsense into these standalone pages.

    Part of me as a website owner likes this script, and the other part of me is horrified.

  • A very helpful add-on for images searchers.
    Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Is there a way to directly imbed an image searched from google into a webpage. For example, lets say I have a webpage about Picasso. I want to put a picture on the homepage that is the first picture in google image search when I search for Picasso, and I want it to update automatically if the most popular image changes.