How to Take Screenshots on Android Phone

by on February 6, 2009
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g1-googleiPhone and iPod Touch have a built-in feature to capture screenshots (How to?) of our screens in whatever app we are. But Android-powered G1 doesn’t.

There is another method to take screenshots on Android, but that requires PC connectivity and is quite complicated as compared to the one I’m going to share below.

What I’m going to share is actually a free Android app that you can use to take screneshots on the Android phone. Android Srceenshot application is the easiest way to capture screenshots. You don’t have to fuss with the source code. All you need is root access in your Android phone, rest will be done by the app.


How to Take Screenshots on Android Phone

  1. Download Android Screenshot (or get it from the market) application and start it up.
  2. Choose the amount of time to wait before taking the screenshot.
  3. Once the screenshot is taken, you will get a toast on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Go back to the Screenshot application and view the screenshot preview and save it.

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  • I get the toast but the toast says “Broken pipe”, i’m using Android on a FreeRunner.

  • thatcher

    There is no program and that picture is a phone that isn’t even made. Bullshit

  • mattle


    The program is now $2.99 in the market, you need root access, and the image above is the android emulator that is included with the Android Developer tools. You can get it as a plugin for the open source Eclipse IDE. Just an outdated link to the old (free) screenshot app, which no longer works with cupcake anyway.

  • Tim

    The app only shows up in the market if you have root access, and that “mystery phone” is just a screenshot of the SDK emulator

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  • it is not so user-friendly like iPhone ! so again iPhone 1 and Android 0 on user experience ground :D

  • 7lb Owl

    I'd much rather have a hacker friendly phone than one that is “user friendly”! Android is a geek's wet dream and it will soon easily overtake other phone OS's in terms of ease use.

  • Agree with you Mr. Owl.

    but let me ask you … how many “Geeks” out there as compare to
    “Ordinary” people like our mom & dad (assuming they are not the Geeks
    like us, else the example won't work). Who want to do the following on
    day to day basis:

    1) Phone Call (and keeping their address book in the cloud, which
    Android do nicely)
    2) Emailing
    3) Texting
    4) Google Map Searching (for stores etc)

    Geeks are really in love with Android.. and they will love it no
    matter what. iPhone on other hand is getting loved by “Ordinary”
    people… I am a “Geek” and “User Experience Designer', when it comes
    to the “ease of use” iPhone is the clear winner… and when it comes
    to the openess the Android is the SUPERB fone ever…

    my two cents

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  • Sean Reifschneider

    You can do this via Eclipse if you are developing applications:

    Click on the DDMS.
    To the right of the “Device” tab is “Screen Capture”.
    Click this button.
    A window will come up with a screen capture of the emulator.


  • Here's a step-by-step process for taking screenshots in Android. Should help.

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  • I have been looking a screenshots taking app for some time now, thanks for the post.

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