Emoticons for Twitter

by on February 6, 2009
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I always tell one thing that I miss the most on Twitter is the support of emoticons. Every IM has emoticons, and I think Twitter is incomplete without them.

Since you can’t use graphics on Twitter, my friend Imran has found TwitterKeys, a website that has a compiled list of UTF-compatible characters that you can use as emoticons on Twitter.


Using them is very simple. Just double-click the emotiocn you want to use, and press Ctrl _ C to copy it. Press Ctrl + V to paste it where ever you want to display it. You are not restricted to use them just on Twitter. They can also be used on other sites and social networks like Facebook status messages.

I’d recommend you to bookmark the following link for future access.

TwitterKeys: Twitter Emoticons

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  • Thanx a ton Haris. I absolutely love emoticons.Lemme check out the site. Incase I am able to make use of the site to add emoticons to Twitter ( I am technically chanllenged) I wud make a blog post about it & definitely mention ur post.

    Is there a way to integrate emoticons on blogger? I don’t see email notification option on ur blog, so not sure if I will be able to return.

    Great blog overall. Keep up the good work.

  • LallieAsica

    How do you actually did those what are the symbols first like :P and B)?