Android Theme: Windows 7

by on February 4, 2009
in Android, Gadgets, Tips and Tricks

g1-googleIf you are a Windows 7 fan and also own a HTC G1 (the only Android-powered handset), you can now get a free Windows7 theme for G1.

This theme uses the default Windows 7 theme’s background wallpaper, and a few icons from the OS i.e Windows Media Player 12, Firefox icon, Pictures folder.



Note: THIS IS ONLY FOR JF 1.3 RC MOD 30. You can try it on ADP or RC8 but not sure if it will work on it.

How To Install Android Themes

  • Download the theme from here: Android Windows 7 Theme
  • Extract this ZIP file on the root of your G1 memory card.
  • Now reset your G1. The new Windows 7 theme should be applied now.
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  • Best android screen i’ve seen so far ! It is giving a fresh look to android

  • chimanrajseervi

    very good