Google Earth 5.0 with Ocean

by on February 3, 2009
in Google, Softwares

google-earth-logoGoogle just announced the launch of Google Earth 5.0, with a new feature “Ocean” in it that enables users of Google Earth to dive beneath the water surface and explore the 3D underwater terrain, or browse lots of ocean-related content contributed by researchers.

This is not all. Google Earth now also comes with a new feature called Historical Imagery which lets you travel back in time and browse through the archival satellite. Google Earth 5.0 is one major update from Google and we all were expecting new features in it.

Ocean in Google Earth lets you explroe the sea, and with the help of expert content, can explore those parts of the world where are most difficult to reach.

The latest Google Earth has just launched, so I’d suggest you to download and give it a try yourself!

Download Google Earth 5.0

You can download it from here: Download Google Earth 5.0

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  • Google we Love It :)

  • Very good post, very useful to people who wants to learn Marine Engineering or something related to ocean Btw I am running a contest in my Blog, will be very Glad if you’re part of it