Messenger Plus! Live 4.80 Released, Download Now

by on February 2, 2009
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Messenger Plus! Live is the most popular add-on for Windows Live Messenger. It adds tons of features and extras to WLM with which you are bound to have a better and enhanced user-experience. To name a few are: auto-reply status messages, skins, tabbed-chatting windows, multi-MSN.

After the last update in Windows Live Messenger, which took it out of beta to release candidate, many features of Messenger Plus were not working with the latest WLM. But the latest release have fixed them all.

Patchou has officially released Messenger Plus! Live 4.80 which adds tons of functionality for developers and skinners (Yes, soo nwe are gonig to see some awesome themes for WLM). For a complete list of changes, check out their changelog.


It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest versio nwhich fixes lots of known issues and bugs. It is now also fully compatible with Windows Live Messenger v14.0.8050.1202.

Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.80

You can download it from here: Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.80

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