Facebook and Orkut Desktop Client

by on February 1, 2009
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scrapboyFacebook and Orkut are very popular social networks, but one thing lacks in both of them is a proper desktop IM client to chat with our friends on those networks.

Scrapboy is a free desktop client for some of the popular social networks like Facebook, Orkut, and MySpace. It is a very useful app that brings all the features of social networks right on your desktop.

I tried it with my Facebook and Orkut accounts, and it worked like a charm without any flaws. You get one simple interface for all social netowkrs, an all-in-one window type interface where you can easily see Facebook, Orkut and MySpace contacts.


Features of ScrapBoy

  • Improved Facebook chat
  • View online friends
  • View new tagged photos
  • Supports proxy server
  • Browse profiles, photos, messages
  • And a lot more…!

Download ScrapBoy

You can download it from here: Download ScrapBoy

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  • does it support using a proxy server, like the stuff in universities and corporate environments???

    regards ~ sunshine

  • Thanks ……It will be quite a Help

    But you cannot navigate to your Scraps content that easily like you can in your Browser.But its Notification System sets it apart !

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