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by on January 30, 2009
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All Windows versions feature a file explorer for managing and files, folders and other data, but it is not an all-purpose, feature-packed file manager.

Nomad.NET is a powerful file manager written using .NET technology and comes with a simpler, elegant and polished UI with support of themes.


It is a very advanced file manager with built-in text editor, support for popular archives formats i.e RAR, ZIP etc. Nomad.NET is the only file manager with full UNICODE support.

Other Features:

  • Full Unicode support.
  • One of the most powerful search engines on market with the ability to create complex search rules.
  • Powerful filtering system, based on the same core as search. You can use dedicated advanced filter dialog, or use simple toolstrip for quick filtering.
  • Folder shortcuts were implemented in much more simple way that its predecessor.
  • Much simpler, elegant and polished UI with support of themes, different toolstrip renderers.
  • Program layout was changed, too. You can use single panel or dual panel mode (horizontal or vertical).
  • UI can simple scale according to your current system DPI settings, or manually (through Options).
  • New breadcrumb folder toolstrip on every panel is much more powerful than simple folder name.
  • Internal support for more archive types (using 7-Zip libraries).
  • FTP folders support added.
  • Many things were done more correctly – drag’n’drop from explorer, clipboard handling, shell file menus.
  • Support for shell shortcuts, url shortcuts (ftp only) and shell folder shortcuts.

Download Nomad.NET

Nomad.NET requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to run. You can download it from here: Download Nomad.NET

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