iPhone Getting Bluetooth File Transfer Soon

by on January 26, 2009
in Gadgets, iPhone, Mobile Apps

iphone-post-imageNot including Bluetooth file transfer was one of the most talked about not-added-features of iPhone when they came out. But looks like, some rogue developers have finally decided to fill that gap!

Bluetooth file transfer is among the most awaited features of iPhone, but Apple doesn’t look any interested in adding that feature any soon. But thanks to Cydia, iBluetooth app will soon let transfer files with other cell phones.

There is nothing much we know about this app, but the app is still in beta, and the developer has posted a video showing iBluetooth in works and how he transferred files to other phones.

iBluetooth, the application developed by MeDevil, has been shown transferring files between an iPhone and a Sony Ericsson phone.

According to the developers, once they finish developing the app, your iPhone will be able to transfer files with any phone supporting the Bluetooth file transfer protocol.

[Via Spazio Cellulare]

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