How To Appear Invisible in Facebook Chat

by on January 25, 2009
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Last year, back in April 2008, Facebook introduced Chat to communicate with our friends in real-time right from the Facebook website. For some it proved quite useful, but some people didn’t liked it and keep themselves offline.

Earlier, I used Facebook Chat a lot, but as my friends list got bigger, it started getting annoying that every time I log in Facebook to check my wall, messages etc, 4-5 friends would come by just for a casual chat.

facebook-chat-offlineIf I go completely offline, I can’t even see those who come online. Looks like this application, Be Invisible!, has finally solved my problem. You can easily appear invisible in Facebook chat now!

Be Invisible! can show your online friends list on a separate page, even when you are appearing offline. You see a screenshot below where my Facebook Chat is offline, but still I can see who’s online. It even refreshes the page automatically to see what new friends are online or went offline.


How To Appear Invisible in Facebook Chat

Update: Facebook has removed that application for some reason. I’ll update this page as soon as it gets back.

Update 2: Another similar application added.

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  • Nice share Haris! While using any IM client/application…Invisible/Appear Offline status is the first thing that I look for :D Be Invisible is going to be of great use to me. :)

  • Really nice tip to hide from others, when your busy with something.. thanks for sharing

  • Jeanmarie Romero

    “Be Invisible”, the application, has just vanished from facebook! Does anyone know what happened to it? In the few days that I was able to use it, I had become quite accustomed to being able to using it.

    Would really appreciate any news on this. Thank you!

  • @Fariha – Yep, that’s the reason why I have started using Gmail Chat, instead of the desktop version of Google Talk.

  • Jeanmarie Romero

    FYI – there is now a replication of “Be Invisible!” available on facebook – it is called “Online Now”

    just to keep this current…

  • Not Invisible

    online now doesn’t allow you to chat while offline, only see who is online. In order to chat you still have to go online, which doens’t help.

  • dianedl

    why cant i make myself invisible on facebook…..

  • mikhos

    You can actually, under the options ability pop-up on facebook, 'go offline', making you inivisible.

  • mikhos

    You can make yourself be invisible by doing this:

    Click on the chat pop-up, and under options, you can go offline.

    This will turn off chat entirely, though, but at least you can go on facebook in peace.

  • ansh_arora68

    Going Offline and Going invisible is DIFFERENT. In Offline we cannot view our frnds who r online
    In Invisible we can view our Onlinr frnd in OFFLINE MODE TOO. To go offline click this link –

  • ange_23danzel


  • jens_freiburg

    .. its much morer easyier … make groups for your friends,
    something like VIP .. VIP2 etc..
    than add the persons to this groups … (there will be autom. a group for all others)
    for each group you can separatly decide whether you want to be shown on or offline ..

    so you have a minimization of being annoyed by smalltalk

  • KB

    OMG jens_freiburg I LOVE YOU! Thank you for telling me this. I had no idea I could toggle separate lists on or offline. I have one person that keeps IMing me every time I get online and I hate it. I can never talk to who I want to talk to without this one person bugging me. It's family member so I don't feel right just deleting them from my friend list lol. You just solved my problem.

  • Is there any working application right now? I could not find any.. :(

  • Unfortunately, none right now… :(

  • Al… is online now which is working. It isn't perfect but you can go offline and still see who is online by opening another web page.

  • nimd4

    you're kidding, right…..

  • chillravy3

    it seems tought but its a simple job u can put ppl whome u dont wanna c ya ol in a group and make tht grp invisible using the side tablet thus its a simple job…..

  • sylvester7

    try nimbuzz,, it workz.. :)

  • finally i found it :)

  • Staffan

    itz worked

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  • Ronmac

    skype is much easier and works better than facebook

  • Amal Murali

    This posts is irrelevant as facebook removed both of the applications you listed here.