How To Get Twitter Avatars in WordPress Comments

twittar-birdieTwitter is no doubt one of the most used services online now. You will hardly notice any blog, or website not making use of it.

If you notice lots of (your) blog readers from Twitter, you can implement Twitter avatars in your blog’s comments section with a small, nice plugin.


Twittar is a WordPress plugin that makes use of Twitter to display avatars in your blog’s comments area. If you’ve been looking for something liek this, or a way to get Twitter avatars for your blog, this one is a complete “avatar for comments” solution for WordPress.

Features of Twittar

  • Loads user’s avatar by matching the email address to the user’s Twitter email address.
  • If user doesn’t have a Twitter account, it first tries to load user’s gravatar. If user doesn’t have a gravatar, it loads a default image. This is an optional setting.
  • You can set a 2-pixel border to the images (you choose the color).
  • You can choose the size: we suggest 24, 48 or 72 pixels.
  • You can set an image other than the default one to load if a user doesn’t have a Twitter account or a gravatar.
  • It builds a valid image for you (with alt and title attributes, etc.) based on user details.
  • Allows you to add a class to the image, so you can style it later.

Download Twittar WordPress Plugin

You can download Twittar from here: Download Twittar

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